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Harald Eide

Harald Eide
Associated Partner

+46 768 34 02 21

Harald Eide has 35 years of experience as a consultant regarding Management and IT.
He is the architect of the Flight concept, Samspelet, Destination Management and other methods and ways of working stemming from the book TeamGames (Sten Bergquist, Harald Eide). He has conducted more than 220 Flights since 1995 within innumerable private and public organisations. Harald’s unique experience and skills about how people agree and reaches consensus has been built into approaches aiming at managing the most complex challenges. He switches between detailed technology and human aspects. He likes to read about the brain as well as writing some Phyton code lines every week. However, his main interest is lateral systems thinking in the landscape of digital transformation. Harald is inspirational lecturer concerning rethinking and digitalisation and a guest speaker regarding change management at Göteborgs Universitet.
Mässans gata 10
412 51 Gothenburg
+46 31 744 32 00

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