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Joakim Driving

Joakim Driving
Partner and Senior consultant

+46 70 604 56 54

More than 20 years of experience from driving change initiatives.
Joakim has a long record of leading change initiatives, from within large enterprises or as a management consultant. He has held multinational corporation director positions and worked as a self-employed consultant.
Working with a multitude of clients in different industries, he has achieved a broad understanding of process efficiency, strategy development and organisational change. Some key competences include sales support and development, post merger company integrations, project management and work-shop facilitation.
Joakim has a strong ability to structure complex assignments, setting goals, organising, getting people enthusiastic and driving change. He is comfortable in leading teams ranging from 3-80 people. He builds trust within organisations and has a strong ability to find common ground for moving forward.
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